IC3D joins the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence at The Ohio State University

Posted: June 29, 2016

IC3D, a leading manufacturer of 3D printing consumables and products, has joined the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence at The Ohio State University. IC3D manufactures and sells a line of high quality filaments developed exclusively for 3D printing which is manufactured in Ohio, USA. 

The company also designs and builds a series of custom 3D printers. Capable of large build volumes up to one cubic meter, the reliable printers offer industry partners a unique capability. IC3D also offers high-end printing as a service and consulting to their customers, providing precision prototypes and low volume tooling using additive manufacturing technology.

“The partnership with CDME will allow IC3D to apply 3D printing to a variety of industrial processes. Collaborating with OSU researchers on manufacturing innovations and putting those forward to industry,” said Michael Cao, Founder and CEO of IC3D. “IC3D and CDME are converging conventional manufacturing and new additive technologies for faster, cheaper and mass customized parts, tooling and fixtures. It is an exciting time to be in manufacturing.”

Under the membership agreement, IC3D will install a series of 3D printers at the center and supply the center with filament. CDME staff will utilize the printers in support of member projects and on-going engineering initiatives. Addition of the printers will greatly enhance CDME’s rapid prototyping and engineering analysis capabilities. 

“The addition of IC3D’s equipment and 15 years of design and manufacturing know-how allows CDME to offer our members the highest quality 3D printing services within timeframes that industry needs,” said Nate Ames, CDME’s Engineering Manager.

Student experiential learning is a key tenant of CDME’s mission. Access to the printers provided under the membership will provide CDME interns another tool to innovate. It is expected that this membership serve as a launch pad for CDME’s 3D printing as a service to the internal university community. 


About IC3D :

IC3D creates American made products “For 3D Printers, By 3D Printers TM”.  IC3D’s mission is to enable curious tinkerers and inspire young inventors with the high-quality 3D printing gear they will enjoy, while exploring and expressing their inner creativity to the world.  www.ic3dprinters.com