Genevieve Lee Taking Experience at CDME and Classroom to Sciaky

Posted: July 24, 2017

Genevieve Lee
Genevieve Lee, former member of the CDME staff and 2017 Ohio State graduate

Genevieve Lee was a graduate student who was funded by CDME and helped on projects whenever there was a task that had to do with her specific engineering skill set. Sadly for CDME but happily for Genevieve, she graduated in the spring of 2017. She earned a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Welding Engineering and minor in Nuclear Engineering. 

Genevieve Lee

With her solid classroom and real-world engineering experience, Genevieve will be working for Sciaky as an Additive Manufacturing Process Engineer on their electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) process. She will combine her weld metallurgy knowledge with the innovative processes and alloy systems that Sciaky offers. 

Sciaky, Inc., is a leader in industrial metal 3D printing technology and electron beam welding solutions. Their EBAM is the fastest, most cost-effective 3D printing process and can print large-scale, high-quality parts.

This is not the first time Genevieve has made news for CDME. Earlier in the year she took top honors for her poster entered into the Best Poster Competition at the 146th Annual TMS Meeting and Exhibition. Lee showcased her work with TKD (transmission kikuchi diffraction). Her presentation specifically featured Ni-steel FSW and Al-steel VFAW and was entitled, "Efficient High-Resolution Study of Dissimilar Metal Interfaces". 

To read more on Genevieve's poster click here.

Ohio State's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence congratulates Genevieve on her graduation and wishes her great luck at Sciaky. She is a great example of how a student can combine their area of study with real-world experience at CDME. The students on our staff hail from various branches of engineering, industrial design, visual design, finance, and marketing.