CDME's Model Profiled in IndustryWeek

Posted: August 16, 2017

IndustryWeek pull quote and image of CDME manufacturing plant

"Why not open the door for manufacturers of all sizes to research and develop, and in the process provide an opportunity for teens and 20somethings to do the kind of work that will not just prepare them for the real world but push them right into it?" 


LaWell, M (2017, August 14). Buckeyes Manufacturing New Program to Train Next Generation. Retrieved from…

The day that Matt LaWell graced us with his passion for and interest in manufacturing was one for the records. The manufacturing floor hosted an incessant parade of visitors who attended one of our tri-annual open houses. Our production lab and testing facility were in the spotlight as Dr. David Williams, Dean of Ohio State's College of Engineering, hosted a Board meeting on premises. And a large contingent representing the Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration witnessed our commitment to partnering with industry to support their innovation efforts and strengthen their competitiveness. The day that Matt LaWell visited was busy. 

After a number of interviews and a tour of the CDME facility, including what will soon be Ohio State's Student Innovation Center, LaWell penned an excellent article that captured why CDME exists, how we operate, who works here, and what we do. The article gives a powerful nod to the promising future of manufacturing as our intelligent and highly capable student employees have proven. These young adults find themselves immersed in engineering, manufacturing and business. They are our most valuable asset, and it is easy to forget that they are also full-time students who are carrying the pressures of coursework and college life. If they have time, they might attend a football game or two (Go Bucks!). Their experience at Ohio State's CDME lends security to the future of manufacturing. These students are acquiring the hands-on training and real-world experience needed in a manufacturing landscape that is experiencing a talent drought. 

It was a busy day when Matt LaWell visited us. We thank him for the time and exposure. Read Matt LaWell's IndustryWeek article and learn about this one-of-a-kind facility.

Our next open house is on Friday, October 20. Registration is required.