ECE MeetUp: Deploying Innovation at CDME

Posted: November 19, 2018

CDME was honored to host the latest ECE MeetUp on the evening of November 8. Charlie Young, CDME's Director of Business Development, guided the guests through the strategically designed maze of advanced manufacturing equipment reflective of the capabilities used in today's manufacturing industry. 

The group had the opportunity to mingle among advanced manufacturing equipment that is not normally part of their electronics and controls contructs.  

They saw the newest addition to the center's materials and welding capabilities lineup, the RM15 friction stir welder - a research workhorse built by Bond Technologies and delivered to the center at the end of October.

Nearby, CDME's vaporizing foil actuator welding (VFAW) system provided a narrative for joining two different metals that cannot be bonded using legacy welding methods. The VFAW system successfully welds high-strength steel and aluminum alloy components. 

The additive manufacturing laboratory introduced them to the latest metal printers used in the biomedical space, as well as 3D printers that process plastics, ceramic, and paper.

A visit to a hydroforming press and die casting system, respectively, gave them glimpses into the materials and design operations at CDME.

The newly renovated electronics and controls laboratory completed their manufacturing capabilities tour. This updated lab houses tens of thousands of dollars worth of the latest prototyping equipment and training modules.

The opportunity to host students and faculty in CDME's innovation space generates ideas that can be prototyped, tested and eventually deployed to market. This opportunity is the purpose of the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence.


For more on the recent ECE MeetUp, check out a piece written and published by Ohio State's ECE Department: