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Posted: August 20, 2020
Jess Badinghaus
Jess Badinghaus

Recent graduate Jess Badinghaus (communication ‘20) was introduced to the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) during her senior year at The Ohio State University. Looking to diversify her portfolio and develop job-relevant skills, Badinghaus joined the CDME student team as a marketing professional focused on content development. 

Since graduating in Spring 2020, Badinghaus has transitioned into a full-time role as a digital marketing specialist at Whiteboard Marketing in Dublin, Ohio.

At first glance, Badinghaus’s experience may not seem like the traditional route available to students at CDME. However, young professionals involved in CDME’s unique student apprenticeship program represent a wide variety of academic concentrations. Although 70% are enrolled in engineering courses at Ohio State; the remaining 30% choose majors such as biology, marketing, accounting, data analytics, and more. 

After transitioning into her new role, Badinghaus took the time to reflect on her experience at CDME. Gain access to her first-hand insight below: 

"As a communication major, I never envisioned I would work for an engineering company. However, my experience as a marketing content writer at CDME not only improved my writing and marketing skills but also taught me something new every day.

My position required me to write articles, design graphics, and produce web copy for CDME’s website. I entered the position excited but intimidated because I had no prior knowledge in engineering. What is so special about CDME’s student development program is each student is partnered with a mentor in their field. My supervisor, Ashley Albertson, provided so much support and knowledge in marketing and writing, making this an opportunity like no other.

I found that coming into this position with little engineering experience turned out to be an advantage. I learned to write the articles for clarity, ensuring that everyone who reads about CDME understands the amazing work going on in this facility. Each story was an exciting challenge and so rewarding.

With CDME’s team of 60 student workers and the constant flow of new projects, I never ran out of stories to cover. My most memorable experience was visiting IC3D, a local Columbus 3D printing company that incubated their business at CDME. Interviewing the CEO and witnessing the business’ innovative technology was an incredible experience to write about as an undergraduate student at Ohio State.

I want to thank all the staff at CDME for making my experience so positive and educating. As I move into my role as a digital marketing specialist at Whiteboard Marketing in Dublin, Ohio, I know I have CDME’s team to thank and lean on for continued support. A huge thank you to Ashley for encouraging me to learn new skills and mentoring me through assignments, even outside of CDME. I am sad to go, but ecstatic to see what CDME does in the future."

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