IMR Keep Researching Awards recognize outstanding performance through the pandemic

Posted: May 7, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to take hold, members of the materials community at The Ohio State University stepped up to help ensure the health and safety of fellow Buckeyes, while remaining committed to the university’s mission and supporting research efforts.

These unsung heroes went far beyond expectations, committing countless hours to ongoing research efforts at the Institute for Materials Research (IMR) network of facilities and centers, while navigating the complexities created by the pandemic and establishing best-in-class safety practices for the well-being of our community.

This semester, IMR is proud to recognize those Ohio State staff members, students and leaders’ outstanding performance and commitment during these unprecedented times with the IMR Keep Researching Awards.

“This community’s commitment to keep researching during the past year is why we are all able to move forward today,” said Steven Ringel, IMR Executive Director. “I am so amazed by the dedication of our incredible team!”

Fifty awardees were selected for their dedication in one or more of the following areas: Outstanding Service, Exemplary Support or Advancement of Research, Diverse and Inclusive Excellence, and Outstanding Safety.

Each IMR Keep Researching Award winner will receive an e-gift card as a token of appreciation and gratitude for their incredible dedication to community, safety, and research efforts.


IMR Keep Researching Award recipients are:

Mehrdad Abbasi, Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS)

Ashley Albertson, CEMAS, Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME)

Nate Ames, CDME

Nuria Bagues, CEMAS

Stephen Boona, CEMAS

Mark Brenner, Semiconductor Epitaxy and Analysis Laboratory (SEAL)

John Carlin, Nanotech West Lab (NTW)

Stacy Coil, NTW

Henk Colijn, CEMAS

Jay DeLombard, NTW

Binbin Deng, CEMAS

Angela Dockery, IMR

Jennifer Donovan, IMR

Dan Doubikin, NTW

Ashton Egan, CEMAS

Brittany Ford, CEMAS

Joanna Gardner, IMR

Carley Goodwin, CEMAS

Giovanna Grandinetti, CEMAS

Asra Hassan, CEMAS

Alejandro Hinojos, CEMAS

Nicole Hoefer, CEMAS

Dave Hollingshead, NTW

Daniel Huber, CEMAS

Mike Huson, IMR

Peter Janney, NTW

Tom Knowles, CEMAS

Cheng-Han Li, CEMAS

Patricia Loughney, CEMAS

Mary McCleery, NTW

Dave McComb, CEMAS

Sarah Mikula, CEMAS

Yoshie Narui, CEMAS

Mary Pancake, CDME

Aaron Payne, NTW

Denis Pelekhov, NSL

Amanda Ponomarenko, CEMAS

Aimee Price, NTW

Keith Ramsey, NTW

Alexander Reifsnyder, CEMAS

Jim Riedel, CEMAS

Kari Roth, IMR

Jay Sayre, IMR

Paul Steffen, NTW

Ashley Swartz, CEMAS

Sedzro Tamakloe, CEMAS

Daniel Veghte, CEMAS

Robert Williams, CEMAS

Catrina Wilson , CEMAS

Qingmin Xu, IMR

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