Student employee creates CDME Scan Generator for 3D printing

Posted: April 5, 2022
Anden Acitelli

Anden Acitelli is a recent graduate from Ohio State with a B.S. in Computer Science. Currently, he is in the post-graduation window of working at CDME and plans to work part-time on a long-term basis as a consultant.

Acitelli, alongside John Cook and Jacob Rindler, created the CDME Scan Generator, a full suite of functionality for working with the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) method of 3D printing. The software’s capabilities include planning scanning paths for any given part, displaying ​interactive layer-by-layer pictures, animating the building order of a part, modifying build characteristics, and more. Soon, the software will optimize part quality using a thermal model and integrate seamlessly with the rest of the CDME's existing additive manufacturing infrastructure. 

Acitelli, excited to be a part of the project, said “The high-level goal of the project was just to be able to optimize part quality, but due to the creative freedom my manager (Jacob Rindler) gave me throughout the process, I've really been able to zero in on the work I find interesting, which has turned out to be the end-user interface people will use to do the optimization.”

“From this project, I've learned that I like to just create and work from what an end-user sees to what needs to happen behind the scenes,” Acitelli remarked, “It's been amazing to see the infrastructure really come together into something that I'd consider both one of my major accomplishments through college, and an amazing piece to show off during interviews.”

Besides working at CDME part-time, he’s currently employed at JPMorgan Chase & Co, working to modernize their core banking infrastructure, which processes millions of transactions and billions of dollars every day. Acitelli exclaimed, “I aspire to work in a place that allows me the freedom to build cool things and make meaningful technical decisions while making an impact on the world.”

The CDME Scan Generator is currently a work in progress, however, this project shows the abilities that student and post-grad employees accomplish alongside their colleagues and mentors here at CDME.

CDME Scan Generator Display

image of generate setting

‘Generate' allows the user to convert an input geometry file into planned-out paths that the laser will follow, all based on configurable attributes like laser spacing, angle, power, and much more. 

view display

‘View’ allows the user to view a picture of each individual layer, where they can zoom in and out on and move around in for a better view.


‘I/O' is used to bring new parts into the infrastructure for planning and to export parts to the ALSAM XML format, an open-source format developed by America Makes, of which the CDME is a member organization. 

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by Justin Lehman, CDME undergraduate marketing assistant

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