Celebrating Our Nation’s Veterans

Posted: November 14, 2022
ROTC raising American Flag in Ohio Stadium
Photo by Jo McCulty, The Ohio State University

Following Veterans Day and on every day, the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) recognizes and honors the service and sacrifice of our nation’s veterans.

CDME offers a sincere thank you to all veterans for your time, bravery and courage to defend this country and its freedoms. Choosing to serve is a personal choice that not many are willing to make – this unmatched sacrifice and commitment does not go unnoticed.

CDME supports military and veteran service members through academic and employment opportunities. The center’s leadership strive to create a workplace that supports and uplifts veterans. While serving, veterans learn invaluable skills, like perseverance, teamwork and communication, which are critical to projects at CDME and the manufacturing competitiveness of the nation. Undergraduate student employees can also learn these skills by working side-by-side with our veterans. CDME gives veterans a comfortable place to adjust into civilian and university life, while continuing to leverage the skills they acquired in the military.

Not only does CDME hire veteran students, but more than half of the staff have either served, are serving or have at least one family member who has served. The impact of veterans on the staff is obvious, as they show a deep sense of teamwork, commitment to our mission, and motivation to be successful.

“Veterans and undergraduate students mesh well in the unique experiential learning environment of the center. We all learn from one another’s experiences and differences,” Nate Ames, CDME executive director said. “Our nation’s veterans raised their hand when others would not and the least we can do is provide a them with enhanced opportunities while they pursue their bachelor's degree.

The Ohio State University offers unparalleled support and gratitude to military personnel. Earlier this year, the university was awarded the Collegiate Purple Star designation. The designation recognizes public and independent colleges and universities in Ohio that are supportive and inclusive of military-connected students. Ohio State serves more than 2,100 military-connected students, and about 1,600 faculty and staff are veterans. The university continues to rank among the top colleges serving veterans.

Thank you to all service men and women, past and present. CDME remains committed to showing gratitude and supporting military members and veterans every day.

By: Ellie Masters, CDME student marketing assistant