Students gain experience through summer internships


The Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) at The Ohio State University prepares students for the workforce by giving them hands-on experience with industry projects. 

Students are then able to take their skills to industry before graduation by participating in summer internships in their respective fields. Each summer, CDME sends numerous students out to internships to continue to hone their skills. 

Below are eight of those students that spent their summers gaining experience in their industry. 

Rakhi Bawa 

Rakhi Bawa headshot

Rakhi Bawa, an engineering physics major with a specialization in industrial and systems engineering, had a summer internship experience spent at Open Additive as a research and production intern in Beavercreek, OH, was nothing short of transformative. This opportunity allowed her to gain valuable insights into the world of additive manufacturing and systems engineering. CDME's Additive Lab boasts an Open Additive PANDA Laser Powder Bed Fusion machine, and Rakhi had the chance to work extensively with it during her time as a Research Assistant at CDME. This strong connection between CDME and Open Additive allowed her to interact with the current director at Open Additive.  

Her hands-on experience with Laser Powder Bed Fusion machines, including the Open Additive PANDA, gave her the skills necessary to work at Open Additive. At Open Additive, she worked on research projects and contributed to production tasks. 

She was also able to gain invaluable insights into the design and construction of Laser Powder Bed Fusion machines. By actively participating in the assembly and wiring of the PANDA machine, she developed a profound understanding of its inner workings. This knowledge, in turn, enabled her to troubleshoot issues and identify solutions alongside fellow engineers. 

Nick Beemster 

Nick Beemster, an iindustrial and systems engineering major from Plainfield, IL, embarked on a transformative journey at  Flex, where he worked as a quality engineering intern. His experience at Flex provided him with valuable insights into the world of quality management and manufacturing processes. Unlike some who find opportunities through personal connections, Nick's journey began with a simple LinkedIn search through which she was able to connect and apply for the position.  

Nick headhshot

Beemster attests his time at CDME with hands-on manufacturing practice, particularly with medical devices, to prepare him for his internship. He credits this experience as instrumental in shaping his skill set and work ethic. 

At Flex, Beemster was tasked with creating numerous documents and conducting historical reviews, tasks that closely mirrored what he had been doing at CDME. The data analysis skills he honed at CDME's Medical Modeling, Materials and Manufacturing (M4) Division proved to be invaluable in his internship. He gained first-hand knowledge of the meticulous documentation and precise processes required in this industry. Armed with this insight, Beemster is eager to return to CDME and contribute to enhancing processes in the M4 Division. His goal is to make the lab as efficient as possible, drawing from the best practices he observed at Flex. 

For Beemster, the highlight of his internship at Flex was getting a firsthand look at the level of sophistication involved in manufacturing. He was amazed by the depth of work that goes into producing medical devices, a process often overlooked by those not directly involved in manufacturing. 

Alex Campbell 

Alex photo

Aerospace engineering major Alex Campbell from Worthington, Ohio, spent his summer interning at Castheon in Thousand Oaks, California, as an engineering intern. This experience  Castheon provided him with a unique opportunity to work in the specialized field of additive manufacturing of refractory metals, which was a significant step in his journey towards becoming an aerospace engineer. His role offered insights into innovative technologies and processes.  Through his work at CDME, he had the advantage of working on two of Castheon's machines: the EOS M290 and Concept Laser M2.  

This internship equipped him with a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that can be applied to his work at CDME. Among the skills he acquired were build file organization, advanced MAGICS techniques, parameter development on multiple machines (M290, M400-4, SLM-280, and Concept Laser M2), supporting techniques, and material analysis techniques. These skills are valuable in a professional context and can improve workflows and processes at CDME. 

Throughout the summer, he actively contributed to Castheon's mission of advancing additive manufacturing of refractory metals. His role involved coordinating the installation of machinery, an essential task in the manufacturing process. Additionally, he gained expertise in using the SLM-280, which not only broadened his knowledge, but also added value to his internship experience. 

Adam Exley 

Adam Exley headshot

Fourth year electrical engineering major, Adam Exley, interned at Keysight Technologies, where he worked as a new product introduction engineering intern. As an intern, he played a crucial role in the development of production tests for new products, highlighting the intersection of his skills and the company's mission. Adam's journey to Keysight Technologies was initiated by his own curiosity and passion for the field of electronic test and measurement—a perfect match for what Keysight specializes in. CDME played an essential role in preparing Adam for his internship, primarily through the programming skills he acquired. Working in CDME's Artificially Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (AIMS) Lab, he honed his programming expertise, particularly in C++ and C#. These skills proved integral to some of the projects he tackled during his internship. 

Amidst the rigors of his internship, Adam relished the location and work-life balance it offered. Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, he had the opportunity to explore the great outdoors, enjoying hiking and other outdoor activities. While the field of electronic test and measurement at Keysight Technologies may differ from CDME's work, Adam's internship experience was not devoid of lessons. He honed his communication and time management strategies, which are universally valuable skills applicable to any professional setting. Additionally, his positive experience at Keysight Technologies has inspired him to consider pursuing a career in the field once he completes his education. 

Garrett Herb 

Garrett headshot

Fourth year biomedical engineering major Garrett Herb was given the opportunity to spend his summer at KLS Martin in Jacksonville, Florida, as a manufacturing intern, allowing him to immerse himself in the realm of biomedical manufacturing, a field closely aligned with his academic pursuits. The path to KLS Martin was paved through connections he cultivated as a part of the M4 Division at CDME, where he honed technical skills such as segmentation and developed essential soft skills in project management, allowing for a smooth transition into his new position. Herb’s internship at KLS Martin provided him with a unique set of experiences and skills that he can readily apply to his work at CDME. One notable example is his familiarization with the win32 API, a powerful tool that enables him to use Python to execute various processes across Windows applications. 

Along with his internship experience, some of Garrett's favorite moments extended beyond the professional realm while in Jacksonville. He relished the opportunity to explore Jacksonville's culinary delights, savoring the region's amazing food offerings. However, his most cherished experience was shadowing the manufacturing side of KLS Martin. During this period, he had the privilege of witnessing the impressive array of machinery employed for both additive and subtractive manufacturing. 

Rachel Lapeus 

Rachel Lapeus, a mechanical engineering major, worked her summer internship at Swagelok in Solon, Ohio, which provided her with hands-on engineering experience and invaluable insights. She worked as an assembly engineering intern in the High Purity Group. Her main role was to support the assembly side of the shop floor by addressing equipment, tooling issues, and identifying improvements. Lapeaus’ journey to Swagelok was facilitated by a valuable connection she made at CDME. Her supervisor at CDME, Pete Schupska,  recommended the internship to her. 

Rachel headshot

Her internship at Swagelok was a dynamic experience that allowed her to work on multiple design projects. These projects involved creating custom tooling and stations for the plant floor. Through these hands-on tasks, Lapeus gained valuable experience in 3D printing, using polylactic acid (PLA), Stereolithography (SLA), and carbon fiber printers for prototyping. One of the highlights of her internship was the diverse exposure she had within the company. She collaborated with production supervisors, product engineers, and the assembly engineering team. This exposure allowed her to gain a holistic understanding of engineering in a real-world setting. Rachel also relished the hands-on aspect of her internship, where she designed, built, and tested her projects on the plant floor.  

After working at Swagelok for the summer, Lapeus received a job offer and will return to Swagelok upon her graduation in May 2024. as a Career Development Program) rotational engineering associate. 


Jason Shuman 

Jason headshot

Jason Shuman, a biomedical engineering major, from Chillicothe, Ohio, worked as an engineering fellow with the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN). CDME served as the foundation upon which Shuman built his success at NSIN. His time at CDME not only provided him with knowledge, but also instilled in him a work ethic that allowed him to excel from day one. Armed with insights in design, computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing processes, Shuman brought valuable skills to his NSIN team. The position introduced him to a range of engineering analysis techniques. These techniques, used as preliminary assessments when moving forward with design, can benefit his work at CDME. 

Among the many components that went into his internship experience, Jason particularly cherished the weekly presentations. These sessions provided interns with valuable insights into career opportunities within the company and served as a platform for continuous learning. 

Ethan Stamas 

ethan picture

Undergraduate research assistant Ethan Stamas is a second-year biomedical engineering major from Springboro, Ohio. This summer he participated in the CREATES Undergraduate Program at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James) working with Biomedical Engineering Professor Dr. Daniel Gallego-Perez in his lab, the Gallego-Perez Nanomedicine Laboratory.  

Stamas first heard of this opportunity from his academic advisor. Her weekly emails, featuring opportunities relevant to biomedical engineering students, introduced him to the application for the CREATES program. Ethan applied and was successfully accepted into the program. As an Undergraduate Research Assistant in CDME's M4 Division, Stamas gained invaluable exposure to laboratory settings and the fundamentals of research methodologies. This prior experience equipped him with the knowledge and confidence needed to seamlessly transition into Dr. Gallego-Perez's lab. 

His summer experience expanded his ability to evaluate and understand peer-reviewed journal articles, allowing him to propose innovative projects and contribute effectively to CDME's M4 Lab. The exposure to cancer research during his internship has broadened his horizons and made him a more versatile researcher. One of the highlights of Stamas’ summer experience was presenting his research at the CREATES Undergraduate Research Symposium. This experience pushed him out of his comfort zone and allowed him to gain valuable presentation skills early in his academic journey.

By: Kelly McCarthy, CDME marketing and communications student assistant

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